We are experts in residential funding.  Residential First Capital is classified as a “one-stop” shop for residential financing and we work to obtain the financing option that works for each client. We provide both institutional and hard money financing options for our clients. Over the years we have learned that each person’s circumstances are a little different and not everyone fits in the same financing “box.” We are specialists in what we do and we listen to understand our customer’s needs and provide the most beneficial financing options to fit each scenario. We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility to handle even the toughest loan scenarios. If the situation is “financeable” we will show you how to accomplish your goal with the least amount of cost. We have the informational resources you need for the residential funding questions you have. We are a direct lender for our customers. We align ourselves with very competitively priced funding sources both institutionally as well as on the private money side. On the institutional side, we have warehouse lines to fund our loans.On the private money side, we have a large pool of private funds available to fund our approved loan requests. We perform quickly and efficiently. Our years of experience allows us to minimize the hard money loan transaction time, and maximize the opportunity to obtain financing in order meet the end goal – a business purpose capital acquisition, for example, or even funding for growth. Time is a valuable commodity. We focus on saving you money as well as time in the process.  Our decades of experience allows us to swiftly understand your situation and deliver a financing package in a very efficient and professional manner. We offer many loan programs. We feature funding for loan programs such as:  Business Purpose Cash-Out Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, Fix and Rent Loans, Residential Bridge Loans, and Commercial Bridge Loans.  We obtain the financing option that works for each specific client, whether that be institutional financing or private money financing. We look forward to assisting you with your financial needs, whatever they may be.

Message From The President

President of Residential First Capital - Residential Financing

 As the President of Residential First Capital, I am responsible for loan origination, investor relations, deal analysis, loan underwriting, staff management, loss mitigation, and loan servicing.  My background as a licensed real estate broker, real estate portfolio manager, real estate lender, note and note pool buyer,  and investor, equip me with the tools needed to run our various loan origination, loan servicing, note buying, property flipping, and Tax Lien Certificate/Tax Deed business's.  Our goal is to provide our clients with many different lending options as well as low risk solid investments in various real estate based products.- Ken Thayer, President of RFC