We help you turn a “no” into a “yes” for your client.  Each day you are provided the opportunity to say “yes” to loans that meet the parameters of your company’s lending metrics.  There are occasions though, where a good client has a unique situation and you are unable to help them with your usual lending tools.  Residential First Capital is a direct lender that provides financing options that cover a wide array of situations.   We specialize in funding borrowers who are unable to meet traditional underwriting guidelines but still need a loan.

We are looking for opportunities where the borrower has money to put into the deal, reasonable credit and can show an ability to pay the monthly mortgage.

A few scenarios we can help with:

Real estate investing for fix/flip and fix/rent borrowers, small commercial loans, multi-family and bridge loans.

The security we provide:

When you are a private money lender through Residential First Capital your funds are secured by California backed real estate.  When a borrower approaches us, they are providing full financial disclosures as well as collateral in the form of their residential trust deed on their home or a residential investment property. Private hard money loans are backed by real estate property – generally 1st and 2nd trust deed secured notes - and this provides a high level of security for your investment.

With over 30 years of experience in private hard money lending we have vast experience with different types of borrowers and investments so we are able to quickly identify the right opportunity for our investors and step away from those that may prove too risky.   Let our experience work for you to provide you with monthly recurring income stream from a high interest-bearing investment opportunity.

Contact Us:

Phone: (949) 852-0400

Email: kthayer@rfmoc.com

Broker Testimonial

Our testimonials show how we conduct our business, and exemplify the thorough and professional business practices we follow to provide loans in a short time frame .  We work closely with brokers to ensure their clients are managed with the same high level of professionalism that they would experience in the broker’s capable hands. 

My clients trust me with their critical residential financial transactions, therefore it is important for me to partner with the right team when I am unable to assist my clients using standard financial instruments.  I find the team at Residential First Capital as diligent in their due process, professional and incredibly responsive.   It is always a pleasure to call them to discuss a loan that needs to be funded, as that means I get to work with a great team!

PB Broukhim –Mortgage Broker

The experience of working with Residential First Capital as a broker is one of dependability.  When I have an opportunity that requires their lender pool I can count on them to follow through and be thorough in their process.  They are honest and easy to work with.  I feel that I can full serve my clients with Residential First Capital on my team.

E Walker