It’s Just The Facts: January 2021

I OWE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! – 37% of US homeowners do not have any outstanding debt on their primary residence, including no mortgage debt or any debt associated with a home equity loan (source: American Community Survey). HOW CHEAP? – At … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: July 2020

CHEAP MONEY – The national average interest rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage as of 7/16/20 was 2.98%, an all-time record low, producing a $421 monthly “principal and interest” payment per $100,000 borrowed. The national average rate rose slightly … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: June 2020

FED ACTION – When the Federal Reserve cut short-term interest rates to near zero on 12/16/08 during the global real estate crisis, they did not raise rates again until 12/16/15 or 7 years later. The Fed has once again cut … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: May 2020

A DISINCENTIVE TO GO BACK TO WORK – An estimated 65%-75% of out-of-work Americans who are receiving unemployment benefits are being paid more money per week than they were receiving pre-pandemic from their employment (source: J.P. Morgan “Eye on the … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: April 2020

WITH THE PRESS OF A BUTTON – Over a 2-week period ending Friday 3/27/20, the Federal Reserve launched or reopened 6 lending facilities to provide billions of funds to distressed corporations, municipalities, investors, investment companies and money market funds: 1) … Read More

It’s Just the Facts: March 2020

WHEN THE BEAR BOTTOMS – The S&P 500 has fallen 34% as of Monday 3/23/20 from its all-time closing high set on 2/19/20, the index’s 12th bear market since the end of WWII. The average return for the S&P 500 … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: January 2020

POPULATION – Between 7/01/18 and 7/01/19, the Census Bureau estimated that the US population grew from 326.688 million to 328.240 million, an increase of just +0.48%, i.e., less than 0.5 of 1% growth rate between 2018-2019. That’s the lowest year-over-year … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: December 2019

SOME DO IT ON THEIR OWN – 61% of 1,000 workers surveyed in January 2019 are working with a financial advisor(s) or expect to work with an advisor(s) as they prepare for their eventual retirement (source: Employee Benefit Research Institute). … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: November 2019

OWNERS AND RENTERS – The 111.2 million households that existed in the United States on 9/30/09 were split 68/32 between 75.2 million owners and 36.0 million renters. The 122.7 million households in the United States on 9/30/19 were split 65/35 … Read More

It’s Just The Facts: October 2019

IS THAT ENOUGH? – 58% of 1,015 Americans surveyed in August 2019 believe that a retiree who has accumulated $1 million in pre-tax investment accounts will be able to enjoy a “comfortable” lifestyle in retirement (source: TD Ameritrade). A TRILLION … Read More

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