Best Investment Opportunities: Excellent Returns Paired with Security

What do we mean when we say, “excellent returns?”

Private money, otherwise typically known as “hard” money loans, are loans that come from a private investor and not a conventional institution. These private hard money loans are done at a higher market value, generally double or more than the current institutional interest rate.  It can be difficult for borrowers to secure this form of funding on their own so they turn to private money lenders to manage the process and connect the loan between the borrower and the private lender.  Residential First Capital is a private hard money lender that can minimize your risk when you participate in this type of transaction.  This unconventional form of lending is a tool that is used in specific business purpose and consumer purpose instances.

How Do We Provide Security in This Higher Risk Private Hard Money Loan?

When you are a private money lender through Residential First Capital your funds are secured by California backed real estate.  When a borrower approaches us, they are providing full financial disclosures as well as collateral in the form of their residential trust deed on their home or a residential investment property. Private hard money loans are backed by real estate property – generally 1st and 2nd trust deed secured notes - and this provides a high level of security for your investment.

With over 30 years of experience in private hard money lending we have vast experience with different types of borrowers and investments so we are able to quickly identify the right opportunity for our investors and step away from those that may prove too risky.   Let our experience work for you to provide you with monthly recurring income stream from a high interest-bearing investment opportunity.


Investor Testimonial

I have been an investor with Ken Thayer for many years.  I have found him and his staff to be very diligent in their underwriting, accurate in their accounting, and scrupulously honest.   My experience is that Ken always tries to do what is in the best interest of the investor.  I am very hopeful that we can continue to work together for many years to come.

A Zimbaldi - Investor

A safe haven for my investments is what drives me back to Residential First Mortgage time and again. When I first started this form of investing I was surprised at how safe my investments were and never once have I lost any principal.  The interest is as stated and at times, I wish my stock portfolio would perform as well and as consistently.

 On top the low risk with high benefit that I enjoy, I get to interact with a friendly team that responds quickly to any of my questions or concerns.

 D Walker - Investor

When I invest with Residential First Capital, I know my investment is in good hands.  Ken and the team are true professionals with the utmost integrity.  Others like me are taking the same risk, they are a solid group.  

Steve G - Investor

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