Defining Your WIG: Creating Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

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Brandon Turner is the co-host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast. He was recently in Seattle, WA for a real estate investing conference called PNW Badass Real Estate Expo. Brandon spoke on the first day of the conference about how to build our wealth through real estate investing and creating a financially free life. He says, “Our life is controlled by habits. We decide what habits we want to build.”

Here are Brandon Turner’s thoughts on how to create the life you dream of through real estate investing:

1. Say No.

Top business professionals say no. When asked to do anything new they say no. Focusing on too many things will not allow you to build anything substantial. Everything you choose to do steals time away from what you should be doing. When you are asked to do something, ask yourself – would I do this tomorrow? It’s easy to say yes to something that is two weeks to a month out, but if you put yourself in that situation, you have to be ready to commit when the time comes.

You are the most important person in your life. Spend time with yourself. Work on your goals and plans. Define your wildly important goal (WIG) and go after it tenaciously.

2. Work on lead measures.

– Analyze one real estate deal per day to determine your maximum allowable offer.

– Make three offers per month.

– Listen to real estate podcasts.

– Meet with two local investors per month.

“Progress happens through process.” – Jim Rohn

3. Accountability.

Get other people involved in your success. Tell your friend the goal you wish to attain and have weekly accountability meetings. Put together a group of 3 to 4 like-minded people and structure an hour a week to plan and execute those goals.

4. Gratitude.

Keep a journal and set time aside to feel grateful. Change negative experiences into positive ones. Show gratefulness every day and give generously.

Brandon’s words and demeanor struck a tone with me. I want to implement these four disciplines into my practice.

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Haley Thayer, Branch Manager and Personal Mortgage Consultant at Residential First