Important Consumer Purpose-No Doc Loan Program You Should Know About

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We have a tested and tried No Doc Loan Program for Consumer Purpose Loan Situations.    If your borrower meets the guidelines, they can get this financing without having to address income in any way.   No Tax Returns, W2’s, Paystubs, etc.    Here are some important program guidelines below:


1st TD’s only


Up to a $3,000,000 loan size


Up to 80% LTV


At least a 640 middle credit score


A minimum of 3 months cash reserves needed post-closing


Employment not required


Debt to Income Ratio not calculated


Primary Residences and Second Homes


If you have any loan scenarios that could work for this loan program, let me know and we will work towards vetting your borrowers situation.    If this is a fit for your borrowers, this could open up some lending possibilities for your clients.