Preparing Your House To Sell

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Buyers are finally responding to lower mortgage rates. That was signaled by the newly released report on existing home sales. They rose 2.5% to an annual rate of over 5.34M homes. The median home sales price is now at $277,700. That’s up 4.8% from last May. We have now hit 87 straight months of gains in the housing market!

All this means that it is a great time to sell your home.

When you’re getting your house ready to put it up for sale, a few small tasks can make a big difference in the overall atmosphere. You only get one chance to make a first impression to potential buyers, so make sure your home has an inviting atmosphere and plenty of appeal by checking a few tasks off your list.

Separate yourself. Start by disassociating yourself and your family from the home. It’s easier to part with the property if you’re not feeling nostalgic. Remove family heirlooms, art projects done by your kids, and even most of your personal photographs. You’ll have to take these down and pack them up eventually, and doing so now will help your home look more like a clean slate to a potential buyer, allowing them to envision how their items would look in the space.

Simplify your space. It’s important to declutter and remove the unnecessary items around your home. If you need to rent a storage unit for some of the stuff you plan to take, this can help you clear out the excess and provide a clean, open space. Clear off your kitchen and bathroom countertops, remove knick-knacks, and make sure the floors are easy to navigate. Don’t just stuff your items in closets and cabinets since buyers will likely open these to determine how much storage space is available.

Make repairs. Prepping a house for sale also involves making minor repairs. Replace cracked tiles, fill in holes in the walls, and fix leaky faucets or kitchen cupboards that don’t open. If you have bright colors on the walls in your home, consider repainting with neutral shades that appeal to a wider range of buyers.

By taking these steps early in the process of selling your home, you can potentially increase the appeal of your home and help it to sell faster and for more.