USA and Iran

War and the Housing Market

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What would a war between the United States and Iran mean for mortgage rates?

Recently, there has been a lot of ongoing tensions in the Middle East. These tensions are pushing the stock futures lower and mortgage rates are also trending lower. Many economists call this a “flight to safety”. Meaning the amount of fear in the news both internationally and nationally is sending mortgage rates down.

Historically, war does not mean a boom for the lending and housing markets in the long-term. A conflict of that magnitude can be devastating to both the lives and the economies involved. Most people will not make a big purchase like a home.

“The major escalation of tension between Iran and the U.S. threatens oil supplies, threatens consumer and business sentiments, and therefore threatens the global economy,” Mohammed El-Erian, chief economic advisor Allianz.

As of this week, we are seeing bearish candlestick signs in the Mortgage Bond markets with prices at multi-year highs. Also, we will see jobs data come out and more on the China deal this week. It may be time to lock in your clients.

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