30+ Years Of Experience

Many of our staff members have worked together since before the company’s inception in 1994.  Due to our strong and loyal client base, Residential First Mortgage remains one of the only regional independent mortgage companies still thriving after the devastation of the mortgage crisis.  Residential First Mortgage has proven that we have the highest level of customer service as well as the solutions and the strategy to assist our clients in fulfilling their mortgage needs.

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Email: kthayer@rfmoc.com

Borrower Testimonial

We are very careful about who we use as our lender, and the trust that Residential First Mortgage has earned over the years of working with us makes them an incredible partner.  They handle the heavy lifting and make it easy for us to do business with them.   We can depend upon them to work hard on our behalf to ensure the loan will be completed professionally and quickly

RTR Enterprises LLC –Real Estate Investor – Flipper

As I begin each project I look to my team of resource providers that I have built, and the team at Residential First Capital has been by my side for more than 30 years.   We have worked together on different size transactions and each had their own unique aspects that were easily overcome given their expansive knowledge base and experience.  They work very quickly and I can always count on them to do a good job and help me succeed.

R Jones – Real Estate Investor /Flipper

When I am working on my new investment project it is important to me that the lender I work with is flexible in their loan structure and perform the transaction quickly.   The speed and service from Residential First Mortgage is unsurpassed and has helped me be the right buyer for the perfect fix and flip property.  In addition, the office staff is professional and friendly so the loan process itself is a great experience.

J Vach Real Estate Investor/ Flipper

Over 20 years and 300 loans processed with Residential First Capital has taught me that they are an amazing resource that is always ready to help make a difference in the right way.   What you see is what you get with this team-  honest, trustworthy and  capable of navigating sometimes tricky transactions.   They are the first people I turn to in each new opportunity.

 C Shepard – Borrower